What’s in a Name?

In the case of Nozzo Pazzo – not much. 

We thought it was a fun play on words tying into our restaurants, 

Pazzo Pomodoro which in Italian translates to Crazy Tomato, 

albeit backwards. Nozzo sometimes means wedding in Italian, 

but in our case think of it as “Not So Crazy”.


We have tried to create a small place where we

can prepare quality sandwiches, meats and cheeses sliced to order, sweets and savory treats, and the highest quality Italian coffees.  

Eat in or take away.  

Likewise, we wanted to provide our guests with a variety of 

house made prepared foods, many of which you have 

grown accustomed to in our in our neighboring 

restaurant, Pazzo Pomodoro. 

You will find our homemade pastas, lasagna, sauces & meatballs

to finish at home, as well as our now famous Caesar Salad.  

In addition, our staff experimented for many months and created unique and delicious Potato Salad, Chicken Salad, Cole Slaws and other savory tidbits.  We use and sell only the finest ingredients available, many imported directly from Italy.  

Try us and let us cater your next luncheon or event.

Our Staff

 Since we opened Pazzo Pomodoro 10 years ago we have been blessed (and lucky) to have kept a majority of our staff.  Many of you know Johnna, the two Mikes, Lee, Chris, Mauro and many others. 

Ten years is a long time. 

Three of our long timers, Chef Juanito, Ivan and Mark make up the 

core team at the deli.  Not only will you be greeted by the smiling 

faces of our incredible staff, Rosanna, Maria, Lydia, Joaquim, Marcos 

and Emannuel, but Partners Ivan, Mark and Juanito will 

be there to enhance your experience. 

Ivan Boyd is as local as you can get!  Louise Archer Elementary, Thoreau Middle School and Madison High School class of 1996.  As a youngster, he played on several Vienna Youth football teams winning multiple National Championships.  He has been in the restaurant business since 1997 and has been a valuable member of the 

Pazzo family for almost a decade. 

Our Products

We use the finest freshly sliced meats and cheeses available, many imported from Italy.  Also try the products from Niagara Meat Specialty in New York, a top quality Artisan handcrafted salami maker using only organic and naturally raised products in addition to our Boar's Head selections.  We also proudly serve H & H Bagels from New York City. 

For retail purchase, you will find a wide variety of pastas, sauces, sweets and treats, condiments, oils and vinegars, soups and grains. 

Catering is available for both Nozzo Pazzo and Pazzo Pomodoro

by calling (703) 319-DELI (3354) to discuss your menu. 

Buon Appetito!